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I had been trusting God for a new baby so when I missed my period I was very ecstatic and couldn't wait to inform everyone which was exactly what I did. This was in Sept 2015. I was very grateful to God and immediately switched to pregnancy mode.


As one of the prayer coordinators in my church, I had called for a joint fasting and praying session at church for the 1st of Nov 2015. On that day although I couldn't join in the fast, I was certainly ready for the prayer. But that morning I found myself spotting. I didn't understand this as my previous 2 pregnancies had been nothing short of supernatural. The spotting progressed to bleeding by the end of the week and on seeing the midwife/ultrasound team I was told I had miscarried my precious baby. There was no longer a pregnancy sac showing on the scan.


I refused to accept this verdict and in fact I carried on as pregnant. I quoted all the faith scriptures, rubbed my tummy daily with anointing oil and had my daily holy communion. I did this because I believed God told me I hadn't lost my baby. Whenever I was asked about my pregnancy I responded in faith and refused to tell anyone about the bleeding and the miscarriage.  This went on for a few months and I started to question myself, my faith in God and with no pregnancy belly showing I was beginning to look like a liar.


I then met Mrs Adenowo and decided to speak to her about it. She was very frank with me and began to explain to me how faith works. She told me a few things I wasn't prepared to hear and how the enemy wanted to keep me in a place where God's promise was not going to be fulfilled. I was so distraught and for the first time in the few months I cried my eyes out. I just couldn't accept that my Sept pregnancy was gone and God was still going to bless me with that same baby. I was so hung up on the Sept pregnancy that God's promise of keeping my baby for me meant it had to be the Sept pregnancy or nothing else. Our God is indeed a mysterious God and we really don't know his ways sometimes.


Mrs Adenowo prayed and encouraged me that night. That same week I missed my period and on going back to the doctor I was once again confirmed pregnant. I give all the glory to God for being so faithful, so loving, honouring me and putting me in touch with his prophet Mrs Adenowo. Now I know his ways are indeed not our ways and faith is not believing God to do what you want but trusting him to do what he says he would do in his own ways. Amen

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I don't think like is the right word. It was more like a wake up call. Gave me an urgency to aligning with my purpose. She's a very successful Christian professional female. She definitely has something to say. She's living her words. Walking the talk!


It didn't feel like motivational speaking without depth. Her session was thought and action provoking. She backs it up with scriptures and the prayer points were unbelievable, so much depth. Very real and interactive. Very insightful. I left there feeling and knowing I can be very successful as a Christian woman in any field I choose.


I still refer to some of the nuggets she gave.

Yemi Aiyewumi

"Last year I was at the AwD and I was transformed by the powerful prayers, message and the anointing that I couldn't wait to get on with my purpose. I have since started a charity to sponsor and mentor less privileged children through school and encourage them with the word of God.


God has transformed my prayer life, family and my walk with Him.



Bimbola Osagie

AwD 2015 was a turning point in my life. I attended the event not knowing what to expect but I felt drawn to it nevertheless. After listening to Mrs Jumoke Adenowo I knew instantly that I was on an appointment with destiny. I left the meeting determined to make a start at fulfilling my purpose. I was more than encouraged and pumped up. I realized that not doing anything was no longer an option.


I went on to start a mentoring program for young ladies. Although still at its infant stage, I feel more fulfilled and excited to have started and really grateful for the simple but yet anointed message that changed my life

Funmi Immanuel

Heartfelt & true...I really did not know what to expect when I attended Appointment with Destiny 2015 as I had only watched Mrs Adenowo (SJ) on CNN African voices.I was drawn in from the get go. Believe it or not, one of the feelings I got when listening to her was one of jealousy- how on earth could an individual speak with such authority about MY FATHER.


It was like she knew him personally (not just knew of him) & in a round about way, knew me too.Since that first meeting, my vision has been clearer & I have clarity in my purpose. My walk with God and my understanding of his word has gone from weak to strong & my prayer life has also intensified (Eph 6:18-20).


Last year I attended AwD 2015. It was different. It wasn't like other usual run-of-the-mill events. The atmosphere felt unique. There was a seriousness about it and an urgency to guiding me to achieve my purpose, that I could not ignore. I wondered why it was every year. It should be once a month. It was so good, time flew and I wished it was longer. It was way too short. God just took control.


A couple of months later I released my first review copies of my product. AwD gets you hungry to learn how to achieve your purpose and gets you thinking productively for a long time after that; thoughts that set you ablaze rapidly.



A time of prophetic prayer and teaching to position yourself in destiny and sit on your throne in 2017 and beyond. A time to connect to your success and fulfillment in life. This is surely a season you will fully manifest the purpose of God for your life.


Last year I attended AwD. It was different. It wasn't like other usual run-of-the mill events. The atmosphere felt unique. There was a seriousness about it and an urgency to guiding me to achieve my purpose, that I could not ignore.

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