Mrs. Toyosi Gbede

I am a pioneer member of Awesome Treasures. I was with  the ministry when it was still Sovereign Flame ministry. I think my first attendance was in the year  2000.

I was very restless working an 8-5 job. When I got involved with ATF, I didnt just sit down in the crowd. I got involved with the organising, set up, marketing etc. I felt very much at home doing this and it spurred me to start out events and related businesses. I eventually resigned and started my own full time business.  This year I’ll be 10 YEARS in business.

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Our business name EVENTPLUS MANAGERS LTD and our subsidiary EPM COMMUNICATIONS. Our core business area is Event management and Marketing Communication. However, we also run a party rental outfit and a Training institute .

I started the business with about N300,000 and today, we have an annual turnover of above N5m with just  2 staff.  We’ve never had more than 3 or 4  core staff at a time ( because of the nature of the business.) We employ more contract/casual staff as the need arises. We often outsource about 15 – 20 workers on each  project

To a very large extent, Awesome Treasures Foundation played great role in my success.  Getting involved with Awesome Treasures gave me a level of BOLDNESS and helped me discover myself. I saw other women who were Mothers, Wives, Professionals, Business persons etc who were in Awesome Treasures Foundation and I concluded I could do ALL things. I also Learnt a lot about interpersonal skills here  also.

I am mentoring some people directly and others by association. I have at least 4 proteges that I am mentoring. I have others who come to me to put them through certain areas. BUT somehow on a daily basis, most of the youths I come in contact with end up becoming  my mentees.

I have added value to many lives, as, I’m always thinking up ideas for others and pushing them to start something . I meet with a number of people that think “all is lost”.  I encourage them and brainstorm with them on things they can possibly do.  I just love doing this because I appreciate seeing others succeed.  I’ve brought quite a number of people to Awesome Treasures Foundation and ensured that they get involved and make differences in their lives.

I have worked along and was the pioneer coordinator of the EDUCATION RESOURCE GRP.  I have much passion for this group and feel elated working with the kids.

It is indeed Awesome to be part of Awesome Treasures Foundation.


Mojisola Olugbemi

I joined Awesome Treasures Foundation in 2011 and have since then not been the same.  I was inspired to start my business because I believe it was time to stop working on someone else’s dream, and start making mine come to life and I prayed about it.  When the time was right, I left paid employment and started mine.

I have had my fashion company since 2010 and I started my Events Planning Company since 2005 but my major profession is Law and I have had my Law Practice since August 2014, so I am a Legal practitioner on one hand and Events Producer/Planner on the other hand. My Law Firm is called Stark Legal and the Events Planning Company is called Silver Lining Events Limited.

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I started my Events Planning business from home, with about 2000 Pounds with about 20 temporary staff and no permanent staff but about employing 2 permanent staff and today the business makes over N5m per annum.  My Law firm was started with N15m with 9 employees and also makes well above 5m per annum.

I will say that Awesome Treasures foundation played major role in my life, as the various messages I heard plunged me into starting my business and today, I am not just an entrepreneur but an employer of labour.

I have about 2 people I am currently mentoring, though unofficially.  I have been able to affect lives positively, as I share my experience with frieds, colleagues and also encourage younger colleagues to work hard and work smart and network.  I also speak at events meant for youths and in the recent past, precisely in January 2015, I was a guest speaker at the recent YWCA event for your citizens, at City Hall Onikan..  I believe one of the ways to encourage people to give in their best is providing condusive environment, therefore, I encourage my colleagues and staff to aspire higher by giving them opportunities to explore and also creating a conducive working environment.


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